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At Play Hard, we are more than just a child care center! We expose all children to a wide range of sports, fitness, educational, and healthy living foundations. We build on the students' engrained strengths and abilities from the time they can crawl and walk.



Emphasis on exploring early gross and fine motor movements. Rooms are equiped with toys to enable sitting, standing, jumping, walking, and exploration. 

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Continue developing early gross and fine motor skills, as well as social development. Rooms are center based and equiped with climbing and push/riding toys, as well as pretend play items. Children participate in daily art and music activities, as well as active play (outside or in the gym). Structured group learning begins.


Our year-round preschool builds on educational foundations and introduces Kindergarten skills, such as sight words, writing, math, etc. Classroom structure is set up to encourage active play and foster children's brain development.

Active Child Care, Day Care, Fitness

Aftercare & Camp Days

During the school year, our aftercare program will prove rewarding to your child, as well as your family. When children arrive after a long day at school, they will be greeted with a wholesome snack. Following snack, children will complete homework or play. We finish our day with active play outside or in the gym.

Camp Days are loads of fun! Children participate in daily science, art, and active play, as well as summer field trips.


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We now have two Tulsa locations convenient to you!

Eastside - 2525 S. 101st E. Ave. (25th & Mingo)

Brookside - 1110 E. 45th Pl. (45th & Brookside)

Call/Text: Eastside: 918.907.6666 | Brookside: 539.629.1959

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Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm

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